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  1. Of course, we could just leave all the entirely natural, rapidly bio-degradable dog poop where it falls, or pass laws requiring that all dog owners teach their pets to use the toilet in the house or a cat litter box. : )
  2. Thanks to Siempre and Bud. My reply is for the benefit of any interested third parties. Siempre, the pool you mapped is what I called "Blue Sky". Their prices are reasonable and they're close to Bajo Boquete. The pool is unheated, and on our visits we've seen many young people enjoying the pool (not a bad thing) We contacted the office at El Seminario but they presently (through at least September) have a "full house" of young people and perhaps are just too busy so folks like ourselves are currently more than they need. We have also have been to The Haven and think well of it. Just checking alternatives.
  3. My wife, Molly, and I are looking for a clean pool where we can swim laps several mornings per week at a reasonable price. The water doesn't need to be heated as we can swim in wetsuits, but access to a locker room/changing room would definitely be a plus. We're aware of Valle Escondido, The Haven, El Seminario, Blue Sky, and Santa Lucia. What have we missed? Thanks!
  4. Keith, as far as I know, you seem to be the best informed gringo in the area with respect to what's happening here in Boquete, so a question for you. The former owner/manager of Restaurante Baru told me before he apparently lost/sold the business that Boquete's torn up streets had hurt his revenues very badly, a few other business managers have said the same to me, and others have told me that tourism in Boquete had dropped a lot due to the same problem, hurting hotels and restaurants and many of their employees. I think I recall a meeting of quite a few (maybe a dozen?) business managers with President Varella here in Boquete at which they reportedly criticized the work's effects on their businesses, and he promised that the streets would be repaved by a certain date. Now Restaurante Baru apparently has new owners, has been renamed Bamboo, has lost many of its former employees, and has come out with a much pricier menu, although we recently felt that the meals we were served were not as enjoyable as we previously experienced in Baru's better days. Do you know of any public information about the scope of the economic harm (lost revenues, etc.) Boquete's tourism-dependent businesses have experienced? Thanks.
  5. https://chicagohealthonline.com/more-research-needed-on-pain-relief-from-prolotherapy/
  6. Thanks to John and Keith for the above referral to Alarmas Gustavo. I had been told by someone else that Mandarin and Ivan cut car key blanks (I had bought them online via Amazon, but they came from China, which I have since concluded may mean to expect variances in some products). Mandarin tried, then they saw that I couldn't turn either of the cut keys in the door or the ignition, they tried a second time, but I still couldn't, turn them and they refunded the cutting fee. Went to Ferreteria Ivan and they absolutely refused to cut any car keys. I had also heard of another (to remain unnamed) business in David who told me they wanted to hold my car for 2 days to do the work. Called Alarmas Gustavo and was told they could do the cutting of the blanks and the programming of the keys' transponders in c. 2 hours. Went there today. Eduardo cheerfully took the two Mandarin-cut keys and an older original, recut the ones Mandarin had failed on, both worked fine, he had me out in a half hour for $20. Conclusion: Don't waste time, etc. Go to Alarmas Gustavo. : )
  7. Tony Royle, trservicessa@gmail.com, 6628-3010, has tall ladders and scaffolding. He also speaks excellent English.
  8. The Valle Escondido HOA provided an emailed notice that the work, involving total closure of the road to vehicular traffic, would be from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on both Wednesday and Thursday. If I had a serious heart or other medical condition, I would consider relocating for those two periods. "'Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.'"
  9. Can anyone suggest a place, in Boquete if possible, to get a Toyota key blank cut or ground? Thanks.
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