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  1. Get used to the weekend lockdowns. My contact told me before Easter that Panama would be locking down the weekends. THEN, the notices from the US Embassy said, if you go back and read them, saturday and Sunday will be total quarantine "for now", meaning Easter weekend. then the same "for now" message after Easter. The "for now" statement is there again this week. I was waiting to see who was telling the truth. My contact or the Embassy. My contact. What do you think the reason is they just don't forthrightly say, Only 5 day weeks from now on til we say so? They know full
  2. "Uncommon Knowledge" is a Hoover Institution program is interview format in which authorities on various topics discuss the issues of the day. This interview with Stanford Professor of Medicine and Research Associate, Jay Bhattacharya is quite informative. Just when I thought I'd OD'd on covid-19 info, I discovered this somewhat contrary information. For me, it was refreshing to hear.
  3. Not wanting to be insensitive to the importance of the ubiquitous information about covid-19 ; and the need to maintain "social distancing" which in the days before antibiotics, was the most effective way to manage contagious infections; life goes on for the rest of us who thankfully, are maintaining health. That said, what if there is a domestic emergency such as a plumbing or electrical problem? How can we address this without any open ferreterias? I've asked our friends and family who live in US states from East to West, and I'm hearing that the hardware stores are still open and
  4. Last night I received a note from Melissa, Senior Vice President at PriceSmart. I asked her about whether PriceSmart only accepts their own credit card since now they're on a no cash basis. I'm sharing portions of her responses because of the frustrations members have expressed over the availability of favorite items. Shoppers aren't the only frustrated and/or challenged ones! I have not asked Melissa's permission to share this, but since it opens a bit of a window to the operations to one of our most frequented stores, and one for which we maintain high expectations, I took the lib
  5. Is there a published list somewhere of the number of cases of the virus in Panama. I recently saw a list of cases in Chiriqui based on where they were, i.e. Bugaba, Boqueron, Cerro Punta, etc. is there an updated list of incidences for the country as well as Chiriqui?
  6. PriceSmart has to deal with many bureaucratic procedures to import food stuffs and other products into Panama. I used to live and work in Saudi Arabia, and it was a similar issue. When something as simple as Peanut butter or tuna got stocked in the stores, the word would go out that those items were in, people would stock up on those items immediately, and then anyone who didn't get the items would wait sometimes for another 9 months until the next shipment came in and went thru the same importation bureaucratic process. That's how it is when living abroad. These are the thread
  7. Javier, have you thought about asking for 12 volunteers who would each commit to buying 1 large bag of dog food a month for 6 months, so to help with the food costs with Dog Camp? I think I remember that you use about 1 bag of food every 3 days. Is that right? So if 12 volunteers would each commit to one bag a month, that would keep your out-of-pocket costs down. I would commit to 12 bags; 1 a month for a year. If 12 people agreed to do it, then we could coordinate with you for our delivery days so you don't get overwhelmed with too many bags at one time.
  8. Hm-m-m. I sent them the photo of the screen, which is in English, and Schwab didn't indicate that, and neither did the Banco Nacional Rep. But it's an interesting thought. But why wouldn't the other ATMs from other banks have a similar message/disclosure?
  9. The Banco Nacional ATM shows that there is a $4 fee for cash disbursements. But when you confirm that you agree to this, the receipt shows it deducts $5.25. My husband discovered this at the Boquete Banco Nacional ATM. Today, I saw this again at a Banco Nacional branch in David. When I addressed this with the Customer Service person at the Boquete branch she rather defiantly said, "check your statement. If in fact, there is a $5.25 deduction, your bank must dispute it, and our bank will settle it with your bank." I checked my statement and sure enough, there are all $5.25 fees fr
  10. I forgot to mention, they're the insulated bags for carrying hot or cold items--not together in the same bag of course!
  11. Sorry, I forgot to mention that. I bought it yesterday but I can't put my hand on the receipt at the moment. But it was $9+ change. maybe $9.95 or whatever change PriceSmart typically charges. So just figure they're about $10.
  12. I've purchased a ream of computer paper at mandarin in Boquete.
  13. The nice looking shopping bags are back at PriceSmart. Just came in a couple days ago. Only 160 came to our David store. Item number 377597. Not at the registers. They're in the back of the store
  14. In the past, there were some requests for real vanilla extract at PriceSmart. At the time of the inquiries, real vanilla extract was $30+ a bottle. It's still a bit pricey, $25 + change, but at least it's here now. I don't know anything about whether it'll be a regular item or for how long it'll be on the shelves. But if you need real vanilla extract, it's at PriceSmart now.
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