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  1. INTRODUCTORY MEETING TUESDAY TALK - APRIL 30 All Veterans, not limited to US Armed Forces, and anyone who can help veterans in their daily lives, are invited to attend this Tuesday Talk. We will be asking who our local veterans are and what can we, in the community, help them with.
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    Regular Thursday meeting of Boquete PhotoGrafia. Anyone with any interest in photography is welcome - and bring a friend. Biblioteca de Boquete, 3rd Floor Gallery
  3. Regular Meeting of Boquete PhotoGrafia, your local photography club. If you have any interest, at any level, in photography YOU ARE WELCOME! Bring a Friend...
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    Next Meeting of Boquete PhotoGrafia - Thu., May 17 at 3:30. Anyone interested in photography - at any level - is welcome. Bring a friend or neighbor.
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    OPEN AUDITIONS will be held at BCP Events Center this on Monday 5/14 (11 - 1) and Tuesday 5/15 (1:30 - 3:30). Groups will be auditioned at the top of and at the 1-hour mark of each session. Individuals during each session welcome. Other appointments can be set up. BRING A FRIEND!
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    Meet & Greet the artists, Larry Wilkinson and Roy & Michelle Parsons, at the Opening Reception of the exhibition of their works depicting the grandeur of the South of South America.
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    Boquete PhotoGrafia Meeting Thurs., May 3 at 3:30pm in the 3rd Floor Gallery of the Biblioteca de Boquete (Boquete Library). Anyone interested in or curious about photography is welcome.
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    Join us at the November 2nd meeting of Boquete PhotoGrafia, where photographers of all skill levels and experience meet to share and learn. Bring a print or your computer to share an image, meet interesting people, and see some amazing photos...
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    Join us at the Opening Reception for Beth Abraham's exciting exhibit of VIVA CUBA at the Biblioteca de Boquete's 3rd Floor Lobby. 4 to 5:30 PM on Wednesday, October 25, 2017 Sponsored by Botquete Photografia your local photographers' club
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