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  1. Great book ! Boquete, Rasgos de su historia. A must read if you live in, and love Boquete
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  2. Informed consent is a requirement for administration of experimental drugs.
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  3. The vaccine is still classified as experimental use only. This means the usual complete scrutiny afforded medications and vaccines has not yet come to full fruition as of right now. The vaccines are not FDA approved. No vaccine for COVID has full FDA approval for general use. That being said, the folks that are hesitant have reason for hesitancy. They have reason to want to have a full disclosure of any ill effect that has already occurred in the vaccinated group. Alison, R.N.
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  4. Well said, Alison 👍👍 Without hesitation we totally agree with Alison’s labeling Rodny Direct as an “essential necessity” when living in the Chiriqui highlands. Rodny Direct truly is an essential component to achieve a more secure life in Boquete. Questions? Contact Rodny at info@rodnydirect.com.
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  5. Here are the pictures that were promised. The fire truck in the right leg is blocking the road for the route to Cabañas Sabrin. You can see Bambuda Castle in the distance off the left leg. Below you can see the sizzling and smoking high tension line on the roadway (photo courtesy of Robert Boyd.) Below you can see the arcing and sparking high tension line (photo courtesy of Robert Boyd).
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  6. No informed consent needed to die unvaccinated.
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