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Take a Hike, w/Terry Klassen


Event details

This event begins 11/15/2017 and repeats every week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday until 05/31/2018

The Take a Hike group hikes every Monday Wednesday & Friday from 8AM until10AM. Mondays we leave from Sabroson #1 and hike a road or trail announced at that time. Wednesdays & Fridays we will hike a trail that will be announced two days before the hike.

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11 hours ago, Judith Tovar said:

Hi!  Can you please include me in your mailing list.

Normally this kind of response would be done via a PM (private message), but given the possibility of helping many people, we are opting to comment here.

If someone (must be a CL member and logged in) wishes to be notified anytime someone posts some content of interest on CL, then there is a fairly simple-to-use tool that makes that goal very easy. The concept is that of “following” something, where the something can be a topic, a forum, or a member. The ability to “follow” is not exactly what Judith is asking for, but maybe “following” would suffice in some scenarios.

To “follow” (a stronger, slightly pejorative word would be to “stalk”) means that you will get a notification anytime there is activity in or by whatever it is that you are following. Notification is a configurable option by either an email (immediate or a digest version) or an on-screen pop-up display, or both.

  • To follow a topic (or calendar event or blog posting, etc.), click on the “Follow” box in the upper right of the topic of interest.
  • To follow a forum, go to the forum of interest and click on the “Follow” box in the upper right of the forum of interest.
  • To follow a person, go to their profile (click on their Display Name) and then click on the “Follow member” link slightly to the right of their Display Name.

If you need help, please contact @Moderator_02 by PM.

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