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Tuesday Talks at BCP -- Keep It Simple Panama & Aseguradora La Floresta


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Tuesday, July 25 – Irma Castillo Smith from Keep It Simple Panama (medical advocacy and assistance) will talk about the things you need to know when faced with emergency or elective hospitalization in David. Irma’s service provides bilingual solutions to all types of requirements in Chiriqui. Fom the most basic domestic needs to advice on acquiring important products such as life and health insurance, migratory visas, accounting. Ect.  www.keepitsimplepanama.com Aseguradora La Floresta (new insurance company in town) will introduce us to their products including those products for folks over 64. www.seguroslafloresta.com/


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Moderator comment: This posting is really by Rodny Moreno (Rodny Direct), and transposed here to get it associated with the referenced meeting at BCP.

BCP Tuesday Talk - Health Care Advocacy from Keep It Simple Panama

You may not be aware that I work closely with Irma Castillo and her company Keep It Simple Panama. My clients who have used her services give highest recommendations. Let's face it - any expat who needs to deal with Panamanian health care or insurance needs someone to help them. Irma speaks excellent English and knows the health care system inside and out. I can recommend that every expat, whether you are my client or not, needs to hear what Irma offers to make life work better for expats in Chiriqui. 

I will be at the meeting Tuesday and look forward to seeing you there,




Tuesday, July 25 – Irma Castillo Smith from Keep It Simple Panama (medical advocacy and assistance) will talk about the things you need to know when faced with emergency or elective hospitalization in Panama.
Why you need to attend
Are you over 60 and have questions about health insurance? Don’t miss this meeting
It may be the most important health meeting you will attend.
Who does Irma work for?
Irma works for YOU. She does not sell insurance. She is an expert on ALL the plans available and can advise you on how to get the best coverage for your personal needs. Your first appointment is free, so you can decide for yourself if her services are right for you.
If you need medical care in Panama, how much will you pay? Will your insurance cover you?
Every expat dealing with the Panamanian medical system needs Irma to negotiate the best prices and make sure your benefits are recognized. One recent expat client saw their bill reduced from $15,000 to $5,500 thanks to Irma’s expert negotiation. 
How do I know I am getting the best doctors at the best hospitals?
Irma has worked for many years with the doctors and hospitals in Panama. She can direct you to the best of the best and save you money too. 
I am a Rodny Direct member. How do I benefit?
All Rodny Direct members get a discounted rate from Keep It Simple Panama and from Mae Lewis for hospital services. Irma works closely with Rodny for fast response when you need help. 
A representative from Mae Lewis hospital will explain the benefits they offer to Rodny Direct members. 
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