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BCP's Inaugural Radio Show!! LIVE!


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Marcelyn and I attended the inaugural performance of the Olde Timey Radio Show at the BCP Theater this afternoon. We estimate about 80 or so attendees enjoyed this first time showing here in Boquete. There were many different and varied subplots going on. For instance, if you are into belly dancing, then you would have had a treat today, etc., etc.

Not wanting to take away anything from any of the performers and performances, but it seemed to me (as a techie guy) that Phil Bennett, who was running the audio and sound effects (aka "Foley Effects" for those in the know), did a FANTASTIC job. He is the one with the headphones in the background. Way to go, Phil.

Here are some grab shots that we took during this event:












2017-04-28 14.08.23.png

If you are missing a picture of the belly dancer, then you have no one to blame but yourself. You should have been there.

Also, if others in the audience took some pictures, maybe they too could post them here for everyone to enjoy.

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Think of this posting as a kind of "event review".

Marcelyn and I attended the inaugural performance of the Boquete Olde Timey Radio Show on Friday afternoon, April 28th. We had no idea what to expect. Being the old geezer that I am, I had fond recollections of the Sunday evening radio program that included mysteries, etc. And then there were the news programs (at a time when they really reported the factual news of the day), and the numerous variety programs. I don't recall many "talk" programs. It was more entertainment and news back in those good ole days.

What we experienced was definitely a variety program format, with lots of variety.

The only negative comment I heard about the program was as we were exiting the theater, and someone (a much younger person than many of us old timers) said that they were thinking the show was so disorganized because of all of the people walking around on the stage at the time of the performance. I had to chuckle, because they were using "modern think" rather than reflecting on what really happened during those bygone days. Radio was radio, and no one in the listening audience would ever know about what movement there might be on the sound stage.

We were glad that we went to this inaugural performance, and hope that there are more.

BTW, we could have listened to a lot more of Fernando, the flamenco guitarist. He's really good. (Not saying anything bad about any of the other performers, but classical and flamenco guitar is among our favorites.)

And hats off to the entire staff, the support team, the performers, and especially Gabrielle and Patrick for organizing the show. Phil Bennett deserves a lot of credit as well, because he was the audio tech that made everything work and come together. Good job to all who made this a fun experience.



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