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Pilates Mat & Prop Class at the Haven


This event began 02/06/2017 and repeats every week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday until 06/30/2017

Ongoing Pilates Mat and Prop Classes are a great time and a terrific work-out, especially appropriate for us as we age. The core, or what Pilates called the Powerhouse, is focused upon, and  all movements extend out from this part of our anatomy, mimicking the way the body developed. It is an extremely intelligent system of exercise/movement and is totally therapeutic and anatomically correct. All levels of students participate in each class as different degrees of difficulty are taught for each exercise or movement.. Muscular strength, flexibility and tone are improved, the  muscles supporting and protecting the spine and the abdomen are strengthened. Balance, coordination, overall body awareness and body/mind integration are enhanced. And, on top of all this... classes are a ton of fun!

All props provided. In the beautiful Yoga/exercise room at the Haven. Questions? Email Susan Clare, Certified Instructor in both Pilates and Yoga, with 25 years teaching experience, at suzeclare@gmail.com

*Note- One need not be a member of the Haven to partake of classes or spa services.

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