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Qi-Gong Therapeutics


Event details

This event began 01/03/2024 and repeats every week on Wednesday until 12/18/2024

SUNDAY  10:30 AM

Qi-gong therapeutics is your weekly healing & strengthening routine!
During the class, we will focus on unblocking your energy channels, restoring the self-healing capacity of your being, strengthening your lower-back muscles and rebalancing your Yin and Yang.  Please wear comfortable clothes

Class content includes the following:

Qi-gong routine; "8 silk brocades"
Each movement focuses on a different meridian to improve the flow of qi throughout the body. If practised routinely, this practice will improve your health significantly.  These movements are performed standing.

Breathing exercise
Strong healing effect as the five elements in our being are being balanced, water, fire, metal, wood and earth

Qi-gong Lower back exercises
Relax our neck, shoulders, and hip muscles and strengthen our lower back muscles

Qi-gong meditation
This meditation will unblock your energy channels and restore the self-healing capacity of your body, healing every cell in your body.

Instructor: Mounir Afkir
Language: English

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