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Tuesday Talks at BCP -- Dr. Jennifer Daniels


Event details

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Tuesday July 19 – Dr. Jennifer Daniels Emergency Healing in Your Home”  Dr. Daniels received her MBA and MD concurrently from the University of Pennsylvania. While in medical school, she was concerned that patients were not improving with the therapies she was being taught. While practicing medicine, Dr. Jennifer Daniels also noticed that, despite compliance on the part of patients, the patients seemed to worsen under the care she had been trained to provide. She decided to give patients a choice between standard medical care and natural therapies, (diet, lifestyle, supplements, cleansing, herbs). Now in Panama, Dr. Daniels practices through private consultations and her nationally syndicated radio show. No need for translator, hospital, drugs, waiting for help to arrive, etc.  Dr. Daniels shares natural ways to handle common medical situations at home.  Get Peace of Mind in Paradise.

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The Dr. Jennifer Daniels talk on Tuesday, July 19th, was almost a full house. During her talk, she was asked if her presentation materials could be made available to the public. She agreed to make the presentation available.

Click here on this link to download her presentation materials:  BCP July 2016 optimized.pdf

Three notes about downloading the presentation materials:

  1. The presentation is in PDF format, so everyone should be able to view and printout the documentation.
  2. Even though optimized (reduced in size) from the original source file that she provided, this still is a rather large file, in excess of 2.1 MB, so it may take a while to download.
  3. Downloading may require membership on this website. Membership is free, so if you are not already a member, then signup for an account, and then you will be able to download this presentation (and everything else on this website). Click in the upper right on the "SignUp" link if you are not already a member.

If you wish to visit Jennifer's website, go to http://vitalitycapsules.com/

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