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Full Moon : Sound Healing Circle


Event details

at THE STUDIO at The Haven

with Kelle Sparta

March, MONDAY 6th : 2-4 pm
Event Price $55

Come and sit in the quiet, calming space of a shamanic healing circle. This unique vocal-only sound healing is unlike anything you've experienced. It is a shamanic journey and sound healing combined. People often report feeling like they have been transported to other worlds and get visions and messages from their guides and ancestors.

Group Healing: Everyone who attends will receive healing through the group healing process. The energies of the group will be cleared and then bolstered with additional energy. The vibrations will be raised and it is not uncommon for new awakenings to happen. Throughout the session, Kelle will be toning, providing healing to the group as well as moving and shifting the energy of the group.

Optional Hands-On Healing: You will be given the option to have a hands-on healing session in addition to the sound healing. This healing will entail Kelle doing personalized work on you specific to the needs of your energy field. She may place her hands upon you, tone into your body at various locations to break up blocks, pull spent, unneeded energy from your field, and open various chakras that may be shut down. The healings are brief but powerful and those who have them report major shifts in their fields.

This is a 2-hour program for $55. You may reserve your spot through payment at the reception desk at The Haven Wellness Resort & Spa.

THE STUDIO is located in the Haven Wellness Resort & Spa in Bajo, Boquete.  

About Kelle Sparta
• Shaman, Healer, Psychic, Channel, Medium, and Empath
• Life-Long Entrepreneur with many different types of businesses under my belt
• Hard-core spiritual seeker who has many times over given up everything in pursuit of my spiritual growth
• Connector, community builder, and networker
• Master Manifester – using the Law of Attraction to create my reality
• Singer/songwriter, poet, and writer.


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