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Tai Chi & Chi Gong


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This event begins 12/27/2022 and repeats every week on Tuesday and Thursday until 12/28/2023

TAI CHI & CHI GONG at The Studio at The Haven

12:30 - 1:30 PM

Taiji is an ancient health and martial arts practice from China which has been proven over the years and in recent history to have many benefits. Just a few of the many benefits include improved balance (physical & mental), circulation, lung capacity and oxygenation, calm energy, improved overall Awareness, etc. We practice Yang style Taiji for health, physical strength and flexibility, mental awareness, stress relief and many more real results.
Every class we 'warm-up' with some basic Chi Gong movements, stretches, etc. Then we practice parts of "The 24 Form", which is the Tai Chi form most commonly practiced in the world. You will learn this form so that you can practice it on your own & with others." 

Instructor: Kevin Reilly
(Language: English)


RESIDENTS (defined as anyone who lives in the province of Chiriqui)
Resident Single Class: $10
5-Class Card: $8/class ($40); must be used w/in 45 days
10-Class Card: $7.50/class ($75); must be used w/in 60 days

VISITORS (defined as anyone who lives NOT in the province of Chiriqui)
Visitor Single Class: $12

Member Single Class: $7.00
Member 10-Class Card: $6.50/class ($65); must be used w/in 60 days

Visit The Studio website for full class schedule, location, and more:  https://studiohavenboquete.com/


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