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dog training with Alex, a Primer


Event details

This event begins 09/05/2022 and repeats every day until 09/08/2022

It was a huge loss when Alex moved his training headquarters to Portugal, but he maintains some ties in Chiriqui;  thankfully!  He will be here for 1 week, and will be doing refresher work and expanded training , and has offered to hold a  primer class for anyone who is desirous of making your dog more enjoyable for yourself.
He helped me with my dogs, and it has been wonderful!  He is a true professional.  He’s a real asset to our community!  So glad he’s back, if even for this brief time!
For those who don’t have a dog yet, head over to Dog Camp, adopt a dog or two, and join the class!

Dear dog parent,

my name is Alex Bornemann and I am a certified Foundation Style Dog Trainer (certified by K91 Dogtrainer Academy in New York) as well as a Canine Training Specialist and Behavior Consultant (certified by Starmark Academy in Texas). All that’s just fancy talk saying that I haven’t picked up my dog training skills off of YouTube Videos but have a scientific background to fall upon when it comes to canine behavior. 

I will be in Boquete at the beginning of September and have been approached about offering training advice during that time. I will therefore hold a training seminar if there is enough interest, you can find the info below and you can check my webpage to find more info on me at www.dogtrainingworldwide.com

Please keep in mind that dogs are not machines, they learn through repetition and consistency. A seminar will lay the foundation to problem solve and will highlight training mistakes which may hinder your success. It will not, however, offer a magic wand to transform your dog into a fully obedient, problem free animal in 4 days. 

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out via WhatsApp or email   (See below) 

Monday 5th of September - Thursday 8th 
10:00 am - 12:00 pm 

7 working spots (you bring your dog and we work on the issues at hand) 

Audit spots available (you sit in without having a dog that is being worked on) 

Pricing: 100 USD for working spot, 60 for audit spot 

The seminar will be accompanied by some online coursework in preparation. 

Example topics: 
Basic obedience - sit, recall, lose leash walk 
How to go from basic to advanced obedience 
Problem solving such as: nipping, jumping on people, soiling the house. 
Aggression issues only with prior approval. 

Topics and Structure of seminar subject to change until confirmation is sent out. 

* purchase of specific training equipment may be required such as slip lead or prong collar. 

Please contact me with information on your dog answering the following questions: 

Your dogs age: 
Your dogs breed (or closest to it): 
Intact, spayed or neutered: 
Main issues: 
3 things you like the most about your dog: 
3 things you dislike the most about your dog: 
brief description of previous experience with dogs. 

WhatsApp: +50763204047 
Email: alex@dogtrainingworldwide.com 

Best regards 


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