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Tuesday, October 20Beyond sustainability to Abundance - all beginning in our own back yards and farms Building ecological, abundant systems on your land: Strategies in the fields of Permaculture. Ethics, principles, strategies and tool kits in the large umbrella of permaculture.. What we need to know about being a permanent, restorative culture? How can we benefit from Permanent Agriculture or Restoration Agriculture to avoid pesticides, fire, drought, and food scarcity?  How can proper Earthworks avoid flooding? How can we produce zero waste to maintain a beautiful pristine nature in the face of increasing population???

Kelly Ware has been involved in permaculture for 21 years.  She received her Permaculture Design Certificate in Basalt, Colorado at the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Center. She has studied Large-scale farm permaculture at Versaland in Iowa and has spoken at several convergences and conferences of an intro to permaculture: She is part of the Permaculture Voices network and a founding member of PermaEthos of the Survival Podcast.  She is moving to Boquete to consult on eco-settlements. She offers online classes in Profitable Urban farming, PDC by Geoff Lawton, Plant Propagation, micro greens, and more. 

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