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Erotic Art Exhibition (David)


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Erotic Art Exhibition presents over 80 works


Posted 01/03/2021

An erotic art exhibition organized by the artist-entrepreneur Antonio Singh, in David, Chiriqui brings together more than 64 artists and presents 80 original works that express sensuality and intimacy.

Erotic art is characterized by highlighting the sensuality of the human body, the emotions and sensations of sexuality through canvas or sculpture.

Since the Renaissance, the nudity of the human body was seen as a source of inspiration for artists, highlighting the beauty of the body considered "the greatest perfection of nature" by the Greeks of the Socratean era. The artistic nude transformed the way in which the human body is reflected in various expressions of the arts such as painting and sculpture, creating.

Over time, admiration for the human body has become a vision embodied in the plastic arts that denotes strength, virtue and in some cases, eroticism  says Singh who founded the Arte Espacio Chiriquí gallery, a space for open expression of sensuality for Panamanian artists who sought to see their expressions of eroticism  

The exhibition was inaugurated on February 11 and will remain open to the public until March 14, free of charge.




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