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BCP Tuesday Market at Arco Iris Salon


This event began 09/29/2020 and repeats every week on Tuesday for 26 occurrences

In the  Arco Iris Salon at the Feria grounds, just across the downtown bridge on the left. Great variety of goods and services. Food, fresh produce, jewelry, handicrafts, coffee, charities, tourism. Everything you want in a market under one roof.

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At BCP we are aware that some people are very wary about going out and mixing with others and will only start to do so gradually.
We would like everyone to know that their well-being is of prime importance to BCP and we have been taking every possible step to minimise risks.
For merchants in Boquete it has been very difficult to make a living for the past 6 months and we worked for 6 months to be able to re-open our Tuesday Market in the Arco Iris Salon on the Feria grounds to enable them to start doing business again. We were able to start in September within guidelines from MINSA.
So that you can assess for yourselves whether you will come to the market next week, these are the steps that we are taking to ensure a minimum of risk.
* The floor and surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected before anyone else enters the room
* All members of staff have their temperatures checked and recorded before first entering
* Tables and chairs are disinfected as they are brought into the market area
* As vendors arrive, their temperatures will be checked and recorded
* All vendors have previously undergone a training session on the health and safety requirements which includes use of hand sanitizer and regular cleaning of their work surfaces
* At all times, all staff and vendors will wear masks and face shields to protect themselves and the visitors
* The market will open to the public at 9am and the number allowed in the room at any one time will be controlled. Only one entrance will be used to enable this control.
* Visitors will have their temperatures checked before entering the room. As with staff and vendors, no-one will be allowed entry with a temperature of 38C or over. We are required to refer anyone with a higher temperature to the health authorities. Masks must be worn inside the market.
* Only one customer will be at a table at one time, and handling of goods is not allowed.
* Bathrooms will be cleaned and disinfected at 30 minute intervals.
It is impossible in any environment to guarantee that there is no chance of infection, but all these steps are being taken with the full approval of MINSA to make sure that the risk to everyone is at a minimum.
We know that there are people who don't believe these steps are necessary, but without them the Boquete community will not have the market it needs and deserves.
We will continue to publish up to date lists of the vendors expected at the market, and you can also find more information at www.eventsboquete.org
We look forward to seeing you back at the BCP Market which continues to be at the Heart of the Community.
BCP Board of Directors
Edited by Phil Bennett
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