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Drawing Workshop


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Drawing Workshop



Have you always wanted to draw, but haven't done any drawing since elementary school?


Or maybe you have, but it looks like it was done by a six year old.


Anyone who can write legibly has all the mechanical skills required to draw. This workshop will help you unlock your inner artist, and give you the tools and confidence to be able to draw anything! 


My name is Mike Wright. I have recently moved to Boquete after two years of traveling throughout Central America. Prior to my adventure, I lived in Denver Colorado, where I owned an art gallery and created art. I have worked in many mediums – oil paint, acrylic paint, drawing, wood, metal, photography – and the ability to draw reasonably well is very beneficial regardless of medium. This workshop will give you the basic concepts needed to draw well. It will teach you the most important aspect of drawing – How to SEE Like an Artist.


Level: Beginner

Date: June 26th, 2019

Time: 10 AM ~ 2 PM

Location: Vocancito Rd. Approximately 3km from Visitors Center

Cost: $50


Drawing Supplies 

(pencils, erasers, sharpeners, paper)


Wine, coffee, tea


Space is limited to 10. RSVP by email mike@mikewrightgallery.com, or Whatsapp 6165 4743




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