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Five Rites Clinic at The Haven


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Happy New Year From Michael at The Haven!!  
Can You Believe it?  
Another Year Just Bit The Dust!
Did Your Health & Physical Fitness Improve In 2018?  
Or Did You Just Think About It?
Still Procrastinating? 

"He not busy being born is busy dying."

                                                                 Bob Dylan


Join Me To Learn 

This Time Proven Exercise System...

The Five Rites 

(15 minute a day routine)

"Good Things Come In The Small Package" 


Announcing Jan 2019 

Five RitesClinics at  The Haven Hotel & Spa



Spend 15 Minutes Daily With These Techniques To...








· RELIEF FROM ARTHRITIS                  


· ...see the testimonials at the end of this notice...



"What you you give your attention to flourishes and grows. 

What you take your attention away from withers and dies."

                                                                        Dr. Joe Dispenza


Sign up now as space is limited!

What’s Included?


  • Two - 90 minute sessions at The Haven Hotel & Spa -- Don't Worry!! We won't be working out for the full 90 minutes!
  • PLUS a 3rd private one-on-one session, 3-4 weeks following the group sessions
  • Instruction by Michael Cooper, RYT200 and 17 years teaching The Five Rites (nearly 3 years teaching in Boquete)
  • See and learn the correct techniques for you to practice at home or anywhere you travel
  • Opportunities to video the exercises and the correct techniques 
  • Printed Instruction for use at home
  • Q & A Session after each session
  • Then by spending 10-15 minutes daily on these exercises you’ll feel and experience the following Benefits...
  • Strengthen core, upper and lower body, tone the body—Increase Energy & Vitality
  • Relieve pain from arthritis and fibromyalgia, increase mobility and range of motion in all limbs AND in the SPINE
  • Increases strength and flexibility in the spine, legs, wrists & fingers, elbows, shoulders, knees, hips
  • Increase energy and boost or stabilize metabolism 
  • Slow down the aging process and improve the quality of your life
  • Improve balance and equilibrium which gives you better footing and quicker reaction time, helping to eliminate falls or lessen the severity of a fall
  • Enjoy optimum health -- be pain free
  • Look younger, fresher, and be stronger!



When?     There will be 2 Clinics in January - each Clinic limited to 8 attendees so everyone gets personal attention.

1st Clinic: Wed & Fri  Jan 9 & 11.....10:30am-12noon both days -- YOU MUST ATTEND BOTH DAYS

2nd Clinic:  Wed & Fri  Jan 23 & 25.......same times as above

Where?     Haven Hotel & Spa, Boquete

How Much?     $50 PER PERSON (cash only, OR request to pay using PayPal)

How do I Sign Up and Pay?

1. Reply to Michael at mic1951co@gmail.com or call or WhatsApp me at 6623 4860 to RSVP.  then... 

2. Drop your cash payment at The Haven reception... be sure to supply your name and email address and ask for a receipt.  

--If you are submitting payment for others, please include their name(s) & contact info and your name & email so I know who to credit.  

--I will follow up with a confirmation and emailed receipt to you.

3. Payment In Advance Is Required To Hold Your Reservation.

--Other payment arrangements are possible, but must be with me made in advance of the session.

4. Please Email or call me if you have questions

What do I Bring?

Comfortable work out clothes, a Yoga mat if you have one, and Your Happy Smiling Face!

(There are loaner mats for your use.  Also there will be new Yoga mats for sale for $15 should you need one)


1st Note: This will be the best $50 you ever invested in your Life & Health & Happiness!  


2nd Note:  Through my experience in more than 18 years of practicing and 17 years of teaching the Five Rites, you will learn the CORRECT techniques, and the overlooked keys to seamlessly integrating this routine into your daily life. You'll understand the shortcuts to improving your posture, strength, flexibility, and physical stamina.  


3rd Note: If you experience difficulty getting down to the floor and getting up off the floor unassisted, please call or WhatsApp me before signing up (6623-4860) so we can make sure you are ready for the Clinic.


3rd Note: Life Is Meant To Be Enjoyed! -- Not Endured! -- And Life Is Short!!


              Yours in Health,

                        Michael Cooper


Sign up now as space is limited.

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