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Sunday Matinee Movies at the BCP Theater


Event details

This event begins 11/04/2018 and repeats every week on Sunday for 4 occurrences

We don't charge admission, but we do ask for donations to support BCP and the Film Club program.  $2-3 per person is suggested, but any level of donation is appreciated.

The Clubhouse Cafe in the BCP Hex Room will be open - and there is a special invitation from owner Leslie Barringer to join her in the Clubhouse for a festive get-together after the movie. 

Food (including popcorn) and drink are available for purchase, and you can eat either in the Clubhouse or in the theater while you watch the movie.  But please clean up after yourselves so we don't have to hire a janitor. 

Note:  If you want to on our email list (or be removed from it), please reply to BoqueteFilmClub@gmail.com  (If you subscribe to our mailings, you will receive weekly announcements rather than only the once per month notices allowed by News.Boquete.)

  November Films: 
  • November 4 - Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (USA - 2018)
  • November 11 - Alive Inside: A Story of Music and Memory (Documentary, USA - 2014)
  • November 18 - Hurricane (UK, Poland - 2018)
  • November 25 - Embrace of the Serpent (Colombia - 2015)
Sunday, November 4 @ 1:00pm - Mama Mia 2!  Here We Go Again (USA - 2018)  1hr. 54 min.
English language film with English subtitles
Ratings:  IMDB - 7/10,  Rotten Tomatoes - 81%     (Rated PG-13)  

It seem as though we many Mama Mia fans here in Boquete, so c'mon down to BCP and join the fun.  

From IMDB: 
Feel-good film of the year. I cannot get over how good this movie was. It was the most entertaining sequel I've seen. Point. There was a portion in the middle of the film where I laughed after every line said.  This is a humorous, light-hearted film that gets you addicted to the feeling of being young; having no plans and being okay with the uncertainty of it all.  A aesthetically beautiful film that captures the heart of the disco eva of the 70's. Costumes are beautiful - especially that scene in the orchard when the girl wears that orange skirt. Gorgeous.  A film to watch with your mum, ganny and best friend. Go into the film with a smile and leave laughing. Don't expect to learn life lessons - just enjoy the silliness of the Mamma Mia universe.

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