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Amazing Race Boquete


Event details


Explore Boquete City Center area while participating in the Boquete Amazing Race! Like the TV show, there will be Roadblocks to overcome, you will have to navigate through Detours, and dash to the Finish Mat! Complete team challenges and various tasks! Win Prizes!

Race to find the answers to questions like.... 
How much is a 12oz cup of coffee at "so and so"? 
How many _____________ are there? 

Wednesday, January 18th from 11am-3pm.
2 people on a team and $15 per team. Includes: Team entrance and first beer free and then 50 cent beers ALL DAY plus free chips and salsa.

Starting and finishing at Big Daddy's Grill. Check in at 11am and return no later than 3pm.
Don't be the last to finish! Come in team uniform and win more points!

Here's an example of how this event will work. Teams arrive and check in. Each team is asked to guess the number of something. The team who guess the closest to the actual number gets a 2 minute head start. A few teams will get a head start for their first "Challenge". Once you complete the challenge, you'll return to Big Daddy's and run into a "Roadblock". This is a different type of challenge that you can either Pass or Fail (example: one team member will be blindfolded and asked to distinguish different flavors of potato chips.) If the team member answers correctly, you move on to another Challenge. If they answer incorrectly, you must complete a Detour before getting next challenge. After each Challenge, you'll hit a Roadblock which could mean a Detour or onto the final Challenge.

Amazing Race final.pdf


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