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Boquete Birders Backyard Birdwalk


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Join us for the Boquete Birders Backyard Birdwalk as we look for birds in Boquete. It is approx. a 3 hour stroll through Boquete. Great for newcomers, new birders and anyone who enjoys nature. We start at Los Establos Plaza, at the gazebo. Bring binoculars (if you have them), camera, rain gear, water and anything else you might need. Contact Lin Hall to RSVP or with questions. Phone # 6782-8347 or linhall@timetosteel.com

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Another mis-configured computer. Rest assured that the information being published by CL is correct. The start time for this event is 7:45AM.

The reason you are seeing an hour earlier is that the time zone for your computer is configured for something other than GMT-5 (aka Bogota or Colombia time). The browser software works such that if your computer tells the software that you are actually located in a time zone other than GMT-5, then the software adjusts your display to your local time.

This actually is an important and valued feature, not a fault. Consider, if you will, that a global corporation is trying to schedule a worldwide teleconference or webinar, then you would want to see the time that the event actually occurs where you are located. Otherwise you would miss the event. The time adjustments can actually change the date as well.  Something happening in Estonia at 4:00AM would, for someone in Panama, show a start time in the evening hours of the day prior.

Bottom line here is to go into your control panel and configure your computer's time zone for Panama (assuming that you are located in Panama). My guess is that your computer currently is configured for GMT-6.

P.S., actually I am the one who corrected your posting, otherwise people would have appeared too late to join in the event.

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If you need help, just let us know, with either your time zone or how to post calendar events (or other CL stuff for that matter). We are here to help you. 9_9

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