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Ashtanga Yoga / Primary Series


Event details

This event began 04/28/2022 and repeats every week on Thursday until 12/29/2022


ASHTANGA YOGA (Primary Series) at The Studio at The Haven

THURSDAY   2:00 - 3:30 PM (90 min)

Ashtanga Yoga is known in Sanskrit as “Yoga Chikitsa” which means yoga therapy.  It is the original Vinyasa (movement with breath).  Ashtanga is a healing process of cleansing and toning the for the body, mind and senses. The asanas (poses) are arranged in a time-tested (over 1,000 years!) sequence designed to specifically align the body and strengthen the nervous system. First comes the Sun Salutations, then the Standing Sequence. We then move to the Seated Positions, then end with the Finishing Sequence.

The beauty of Ashtanga is that there is always “room to grow”… there is no need to be intimidated, and there is no competition. You may find you choose to rest during some poses, and modifications are encouraged when needed. Change is guaranteed!

This is an active 90 minute class, practicing the full Primary Series. Emphasis is placed on breathing (Ujjayi), energy locks (Bandhas), gaze (Drishti) and transitions (Vinyasa). Poses are held for five breaths and are interconnected with flowing movements. This series can be a challenge, but the results are truly life-changing!

Instructor: Joy Alexander
Price: 90 min class = $10 Residents / $12 Visitors
(Language: English)

Visit The Studio website for full class schedule, location, and more:  https://studiohavenboquete.com/




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