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Yoga Strength & Mobility


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This event began 03/22/2022 and repeats every week on Tuesday until 12/27/2022


YOGA STRENGTH & MOBILITY at The Studio at The Haven

2:00 PM - 3:30 PM (90 min)

 "You have One Body. Take it for a Beautiful Ride."

This 90 minute Yoga Class is dedicated to the knowledge that we have the gift of One Body and it is our most precious resource.  Our bodies take us where ever we go and we are always with them.   In this class you are welcome to trust the process of life and go deeper within.

This class will always begin with Pranayama Breathing , a core component of Yoga.  Pranayama is a great practice in a group setting and builds positive energy.   The goal of pranayama is to strengthen the connection between the body and mind.

We will practice engaging the Bandhas.  Energetically, the bandhas guide the flow of Prana, or life force energy, in our bodies, organizing and channeling our five Pranas strengthens our energy body (pranamaya kosha) to improve our well-being.

Continuing to breathe we begin a strong upper body practice.   This brings more power and mobility to the chest, shoulders and arms.

Saving the best for last we move on to delicious stretching of the muscles that were worked, twisting and some hip opening shapes.  

Finally, Savasana…in order to release the muscles and allow them to integrate the work done in class.  The Art of Relaxation.

Instructor: Jahn Hoover
Price: $10 Resident / $12 Visitor
(Language: English)

Visit The Studio website for full class schedule, location, and more:  https://studiohavenboquete.com/


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