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Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow -- Spa Class


Event details

This event began 05/03/2021 and repeats every week on Monday and Thursday until 12/30/2021

Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Yoga w/ Sigrid
Mondays & Thursdays 7:30-8:30 am
Location:  The Haven Spa, Bajo Boquete 
The Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Yoga modality is a very dynamic yoga practice that combines exercises or postures –asanas- with breathing techniques. During the practice, synchronized breathing and movements of the Vinyasa type are combined, which link each posture with the next, designed to follow an exact number of movements and breaths. The goal is to achieve greater synchronization and enjoy a vigorous practice 
 Asanas work strength, endurance and the elimination of toxins, improve your capacity for emotional control
 In addition to working your body and mind from a holistic perspective, improving your fitness and self-knowledge, it is one of the most interesting and recommended exercises to learn to control emotions and stimulate the mind more.
 Not surprisingly, it is said that yoga allows us to increase our capacities by knowing how to avoid and deal with stressful situations, and above all, promoting concentration and relaxation, keys to free creativity.
Suitable for all audiences.
 Ashtanga Yoga can be adopted by anyone in any age range and in any situation. If you have led a very sedentary life, it is perfect to start with intensity but without excesses.

Spa Class Prices:  BQT Residents $8.00; Visitors $10.00

Class size is limited.  Pre-registration is suggested, but not required!  You may either pre-register directly with the instructor, or through the Haven Spa (507) 730-9345.

Please note, all safety precautions per MINSA are followed.  Temperature & hand-sanitizer upon entry.  Masks are required, until one is safely on their appropriately spaced yoga mat.   The yoga studio has double-doors that open for fresh air, as well as overhead fans.   And although The Haven does have (regularly cleaned & disinfected) yoga mats & blocks available, you are encourage to bring and care for your own yoga mat / supplies. 

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