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The Great Boquete Soup Fest


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Marcelyn and I attended (supported?) this event by Brandy Gregory at the Clubhouse yesterday. It was well attended in spite of the heavy rainfall.

We understand there were 18 soup entrants to be sampled. I personally taste tested almost all of them. There were no losers among the soup entries. Don't know if there was a rating or competition, but everyone deserves a blue ribbon.

My most favorite soups were Nairn Cutten's creamy vegetarian soup (made from veggies from her garden), and Sheila Strunk's chicken and wild rice soup. Wow!!! Again, nothing negative about any of the other soups, but those two were my favorites.

Here are two pictures taken during this event. First shows Brandy (on the right), as the organizer and main driving force behind this event, chatting with one of the attendees, and the second is just a shot of the main room showing lots of people enjoying the soups, crusty breads, and cookies.



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Thank you, Bud and Marcelyn, so much for coming!  I'm delighted that you had a good time and enjoyed all the soups -- I'm generally too busy to even stop to taste any! 

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