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Meat Special @ Sabor Escondido



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Marcelyn and I patronized Sabor Escondido last evening for this red meat special. We had no idea from this advertisement what the meat selections would be or about pricing.  We were pleasantly surprised to find that they are starting four new meat specials at that restaurant: a T-bone steak, a tenderloin cut, and lamb dish and another that I don't recall.

Upon arrival, we were the only patrons. Sat next to the glass windows looking onto the quebrada, and so we had nice but low level white noise from the running water, as well as a nice view of the landscape and homes. After ordering was completed, we sipped on our drinks, and waited. And waited. Approaching an hour for our food to come to the table.  Very attractive presentation, and HUGE amounts of food. Quite tasty, and prepared to our requests. And the big surprise was that Marcelyn's T-bone entree was $15.00 and my tenderloin was $18.00. Both meats were tender and tasty. We presumed them to be imports, but were told that they were domestic beef. The beef must have been marinated very well for them to be that tender.

This was a pleasant dining experience. Sabor Escondido is not one of our regular eateries, but we are rethinking that matter given the quality and quantity of food, coupled with the prices. Just don't be in a hurry if you go, or maybe the slow service was just a one time glitch.

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