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Boquete Health and Hospice Community Education

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Did you know that one of the most common causes of death is choking? Many of
these deaths occur in restaurants where to staff are not properly trained in
what to do if a customer is choking. Recently, one of the BHHF members was
choking in a local restaurant and the server retreated into the kitchen. 

What are the universal signs given for choking? What can you do if you are
choking? What can you do to assist someone who is choking? 

At our monthly meeting this Thursday, August 9th 1:00 PM at the Amigos de
Animales building, we will cover the basic signs for choking and what to do
in an attempt to clear the person's airway.  

The monthly meeting is open to members and non-members. Please join us for
this simple, life-saving demonstration and training.


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