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Isaac Casal Ensemblast Concert


Ensemblast Project has been a singular creative force of bold, new trends in chamber music for strings, piano, other instruments, and singers. It breaks new ground authentically and passionately, fusing the classical quartet aesthetic with contemporary Latin American styles and borrowing freely from an array of musical languages – folk, jazz, salsa, bolero, world and pop.   By devising a performance practice that honors both influences, the state of the art has been inevitably redefined.

For more information visit:



Limited tickets, buy your ticket on time, in Mail Boxes Etc,  and Boquete Library

Do not miss this unique presentation in Chiriqui.



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Marcelyn and I attended this event at Biblioteca de Boquete yesterday afternoon. It was a full house event, and much appreciated by the audience, as evidenced by the loud applause and standing ovation. Thank you to Elsa and Biblioteca de Boquete for bringing these musical programs to Boquete.

Here are some pictures taken during the event, as well as one video of the encore piece performed by this group.

The announcer and Elsa Castillo begin the show:



Isaac Casal, cellist, and group leader:



Luis Casal, violinist, (and brother of Isaac Casal):



Ricardo Zuñiga, contrabajo:



Juvenal Correa-Salas, pianist:



A group shot of the three leftmost musicians:



A group shot of the three rightmost musicians:



Now a video link to one of the songs played during this concert (click on the white triangle in the center of this YouTube video clip).


And finally, here is the program sheet for this event:

program cover_Page_2.jpg

program page 2_Page_1.jpg

program page 3_Page_1.jpg

program rear_Page_2.jpg

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