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Equinox Awakening :: Yoga and Reiki Retreat


You are invited to the ultimate Equinox renewal retreat! Just a few spaces are still available on this intimate soul voyage as we...

-- Realign with the rhythms of nature deep in the untouched cloud forests of Panama. Epic prehistoric foliage, waterfalls and rivers will guide us.
-- Harness the sacred Spring Equinox energy available as we plant the final seeds of intention and desire in our 2018 gardens.
-- Awaken every layer of BEing with ancient wisdom and modern practices in mindfulness, movement, plant medicine and energy healing.



-- Daily Hatha yoga flow
-- Daily guided meditation
-- Reiki Level 1 Certification with emphasis on crystal healing and plant medicine
-- 60 minute healing therapeutic massage + sauna 
-- Guided waterfall + river hike
-- Entrance to Orchid reserve with over 2,000 varieties
-- Crystal and Herbal Toolkit to support your practice at home
-- Locally-sourced organic vegetarian meals. ALL Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners included
-- 4 nights accomodations in a virgin cloud forest. It's pure magic and potent energy!



Awakening Physical Wellbeing 
Daily Hatha Yoga Flow
Our body is communicating with us every moment of every day, quietly (yet persistently!) giving signs and signals of where it is functioning at its absolute best and where it could use a little help. In our daily Hatha flow, we will first learn how to clear away static in the channels of communication and tune into the infinite wisdom of our body. Then, we will explore kind, intentional, powerful movements to support physical wellbeing. The result is an immediate alleviation of tension, stress and dis-ease, and an awakening of vibrant energy.


Awakening Mental + Emotional Wellbeing
Primoridal Sound Meditation
Learn an ancient meditation practice that is scientifically proven to reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, improve overall health, reverse the seeds of illness, expand self-awareness, increase brain function, super-charge innovation, and inspire creative problem solving and allow you to live with unshakeable compassion for yourself and others. Together, we'll dispel the misconceptions about meditation, and help you develop a daily mindfulness practice that will support you all year long.


Awakening Spiritual + Energetic Wellbeing
Reiki Level I Certification with Crystal Healing
An immersion for those ready to advance on their Spiritual path and serve themselves and the world by accessing this powerful energy-healing modality. Reiki means "Universal Life Force Energy" which comes from the divine and is connected to every living being. It travels through the practitioner, to heal on all levels – body, mind and spirit. Reiki is a very subtle, warming energy, inducing a state of relaxation and rejuvenation. It has the ability to harmonize energies, release blockages, accelerate healing, assist in cleansing toxins, treat chronic and acute physical conditions, enhance creativity and develop a deeper self-awareness. We'll learn to harness crystal healing and plant medicine to support our work as healers and practitioners.


$888 - $1288

Send email to monica@soulbare.com or whatsapp 6643 9543 for cabin availability.


Monica Graves is an international Speaker, Educator and Retreat Architect who has been studying global health + wellbeing traditions for more than a decade. She spent 7 years as Master Educator and Retreat Host at The Chopra Center for Wellbeing in Carlsbad, CA under the mentorship of Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. David Simon and many other world-renowned visionaries, before launching her company Soulbare Retreats + Lifestyle in 2015. 
She now travels the world to facilitate adventure retreats, meetings curriculum, and transformational workshops, and is on an unapologetic mission to instigate healthy, whole, purpose-filled living within each and every person she meets. To learn more, visit soulbare.com/myjourney   



Day 1 - March 21
5:00pm - Welcome Reception, Orientation and Dinner
7:30pm - Opening Equinox Ceremony

Days 2-4 - March 22-24
6:30am - Sunrise Yoga + Meditation
8:00am - Breakfast + Free Time
10:00am - Awakening into Wellbeing Workshop
12:00pm - Lunch + Free Time
3:30pm - Hands-On Reiki Workshop
5:00pm - Evening Meditation
6:00pm - Dinner
7:30pm - Optional Evening Activities

Day 5 - March 25
6:30am - Sunrise Yoga + Meditation
8:00am - Breakfast + Time to Pack
10:00am - Reiki Certification Graduation + Closing Ceremony
11:00am - Depart

*Schedule is tentative and subject to change as best supports the overall retreat experience.


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