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Murder Mystery - Trailer Park Tragedy!


Event details


It's the annual WT Trailer Park BBQ and this year's blast is going to be one to remember!  Well known in the community and by the law enforcement agencies for its after hours fights, double crossing, and illegal happenings , this BBQ is a recipe for disaster. 
However, with BBQ food and cheap booze on the menu, all of the ill-mannered, illiterate, and intoxicated residents are certain to be there-  hair curlers and all!  Break out the box wine and natty light and get ready for a politically incorrect night of mystery, scandal, and murder!

Only 20 main characters are available, plenty of secondary characters available.  Click this link to RSVP and be sent your character description.  https://goo.gl/forms/cIlV4Uvq5UJTnkEj2

Join us at The Clubhouse for a A night of ill-mannered, irresponsible and intoxicated trailer park patrons!

No scripts or memorization at all! 

Cost: $15 per person for dinner & to participate (get assigned a character)
Participation in an amazing Murder Mystery
One free drink (soda, water, beer)
Choice of BBQ meal: Pulled pork sandwich or chicken with AUTHENTIC Texas Blue Ribbon Championship BBQ sauce...comes with house made potato salad and southern baked beans......YUMMY!

Spectators can come for free and enjoy dinner and drinks a la carte a The Clubhouse

RSVP early and we will email you a character so you can get the background and prepare for the party. 

At the party, you'll be given an envelope with fake money and your objectives (keep a secret). If you are the Victim, you'll find out when you get your envelope and will die after completing your objectives. 

Part Two- Another envelope will reveal more objectives and information and the Murderer, who will try to keep their secret until the end! 

Prizes (voted on by participants):
Best Dressed
Best Performer
Super Sleuth
Amount of Money

For more details on how the murder mystery works:  https://www.facebook.com/events/837358693113059

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