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And Now I Know - New Rodny Direct Placard




Rodny Direct is a service that every expat should seriously consider. It is much more than a 911 style emergency number that answers in English; most of our calls deal with issues with public services and utilities that answer only in Spanish. Our main benefit by contacting Rodny is that he knows the "systems", what number to call, who to talk to, and how things work in Panama.

Our original Rodny Direct placard was faded from being placed on our fence and exposed to the bright sun. Time for a new placard. Contacted Rodny by email. He verified our member number; said he would order a replacement and indicated it would be available in about ten (10) days.

We received an email that our new placard was available for pick-up from Mailbox. We placed $10.00 cash in an envelope labeled Rodny Direct and delivered to Mailbox when we collected the new placard. He promptly provided a receipt by email.

This new card is made from a laminated material and should last considerably longer than the original one.

P.S., Yearly membership dues for Rodny Direct will be $90.00 when we renew in July.



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