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And Now I Know - Grocery Shopping....




Yesterday for the first time in more than a week I left the house to go grocery shopping. Put on my mask and gloves, grabbed my shopping list and headed to GAGO to buy fresh vegetables. Joined the line of waiting customers outside the door. When it was my turn to enter the store, the door monitor insisted I use the hand sanitizer that was available. Even tho I was wearing gloves, she refused to allow me entrance if I didn’t use the hand sanitizer. So guess what...I used the sanitizer‼️

Located in short order, and then purchased my needed items using a credit card (so I didn’t need to touch money). Everything worked fine. People were shopping quickly to allow other waiting customers room to enter the store. Wrestled my filled bags out the door and into the car to head home. 

A very few minutes later as I arrived down the hill into Bajo Boquete but not yet home, I realized no credit card in my wallet!! Turned the car around and headed back to GAGO. Joined the “Customer Waiting Line” again, but concerned and with worry thoughts. What happened to that credit card? Were my gloves too wet with the extra sanitizer solution so I dropped the card?

Bless her ....the door monitor recognized me waiting in line and handed me my missing credit card!! Boy, was I thankful for that honest GAGO staff member. Reckon I dropped my credit card somehow as I squeezed out the GAGO door, she found the card, and remembered me.

I am a GAGO shopper forever.




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I agree.....I like shopping at Gago.  I too had gloves on but had to use the hand sanitizer.  I was glad to this.  Since I began wearing gloves, everytime I get in the car from each stop, before I touch the steering wheel, put keys in the ignition, etc. I use the hand santizier on my gloves then wipe down steering wheel and everything I touch before taking my gloves off.  When taking my gloves off, they turn inside out and I put one glove inside the other.  Remember when you put your gloves back on, you have to turn them inside out again.  Sound like work?  Not as much as it will be if I get the virus. 

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