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Big excitement this morning. Bud was attending his ROMEO meeting when I heard a warning bark from Anouk. Before passing through the front door, I grabbed a heavy walking stick. Expected but didn’t see anyone inside the yard and both gates were closed.

Anouk started digging in the flowers next to the house. I used my walking stick to separate plants and spotted a two foot+ long coral snake (deadly type). Kept striking it with my big stick, but couldn’t get leverage in the soft ground.

As the snake was slithering through the flowers, I dashed back into the house for a spray bottle of ammonia (cheap but effective defensive weapon). Using the spray I managed to guide or force the snake up against the hard surface side of the house so I could smash the critter.

Even with Anouk’s help of barking and digging in the dirt, took me more than 15 minutes to kill this deadly thing. My concern is that snakes don’t usually live or travel alone. Reckon we should stay alert!



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