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And Now I Know - Pay Forward Philosophy




Heard about this piece of life philosophy?

A few weeks ago Bud and I were almost ready to travel to Panama City by car the next morning.

First we had dinner with friends at a local restaurant in Boquete. Then we stopped by the Delta Station to fill up with diesel and have air pressure in the tires checked. To our big surprise the attendant found a nail in one of the tires. What to do! Maybe not a good idea to start the several hours drive to PC with a damaged tire. So off to the old Texaco station. When we arrived, there was one worker who was busy removing wheels and mounting five new tires for a truck. 

We explained our situation and the worker said we could wait if we wanted, but he would be busy for at least another hour. Didn’t have much choice, so we decided to wait.

Now it was after 7:00pm and dark. The worker couldn’t see to mount the new tires on the fella’s truck. Bud grabbed two flashlights from our vehicle and held them for the worker. Took him many minutes, but when finished, the worker said he was tired and it was late, but since Bud had helped by providing the light, he would look at our tire with the nail.

Good News was the nail had a short stem and had not caused damage, thanks to heavy tread of the almost new tire. Pressure still OK. Worker removed the nail, replaced our tire and we headed for home.

Now I know that Pay Forward philosophy works!



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