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Happy New Year 2018 From The Dog Camp

DogCamp Boquete



Happy New Year 2018!!
The dogs from DogCamp say thank you for all your support during this year. With your help we could help and rescue many animals. Remember that we are only two person trying to help animals in the Community. Actually we have 39 dogs plus our own three dogs, total 42 dogs and 2 cats (Arf is in charge of 7 dogs)
We are helping with extra bag of food to a poor lady who rescued six big dogs and sometimes she doesn't have enough money to buy food for them. Also we started to help, with Martha Beatriz, an old couple who rescued 12 big dogs, so sometimes we go to give them some dog food too.
Here is the list of all the animals that are living at the DogCamp:
  • Sophia and her 4 small puppies two months old
  • Pancha and her 5 fat puppies seven weeks old
  • Junior a puppy six weeks old
  • Nino and Nina, lab mix, puppies four months old
  • Nazca, Pepe and Wilson, meeium size, puppies, six months old
  • Chiki and Pelusa, two small lap dogs
  • Gracie, medium size, ten months old
  • Mia, medium size, ten months old
  • Mango and Bila, two medium size one year old
  • Duke, medium size, eight months old
  • Dora, Bobby and Negra, medium size, one year old, we rescued them when they were one month old with the mother (Arf is in charge of them)
  • Chino, meduum size, one year old
  • Jimmy, medium size, eleven months old (Arf is in charge of him)
  • Precious, medium size, 2 years old
  • Salvador, medium size, 10 months old
  • Sasha, medium size, a husky mix, two years old, we rescued her when she was three months old (Arf is in charge of her)
  • Sophie, big size, one and a half year old, we rescued her when she was one month old (Arf is in charge of her)
  • Buddy, big size, seven years old, we rescued him when his owner wanted to put down at the veterinary two years ago (Arf is in charge of him)
  • Five feral dogs, big size, two years old (Blanca, Chela, Chichi, Ronald and Snoopy)

Adopt a rescued dog is the best option ever!!! Come to visit us and meet the big pack at the Dog Camp!!


  • Javier Madge: 6965-9423
  • Magaly Bustamante: 6563-8686



  • Donate funds: GoFundMe
  • Food and supplies appreciated



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Javier and Magaly,

This blog post amazes me at how much the two of you do for our animal friends. So many dogs (plus some cats!), and the pictures show them getting along well with each other. I don’t know how you can even remember their names because there are so many.

Thank you.

HAPPY NEW YEAR back to you as well. Wishing you all the best.

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