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Thank you, Boquete, from Art Café.

Boquete Art Cafe


Daniel and I are announcing the closure of Art Café. We thank all of our patrons who have supported us over the years, many of whom have become close friends. For us, it has been an act of love to provide a beautiful environment for the enjoyment of great food, art and music over these many years. It is time for us to move on from the restaurant life and, to that end, we're excited to introduce you to the new owner of our previous location on calle principal, restaurateur Gis...elle Young. She is the proud owner of Tre Scalini, an exquisite fine dining restaurant in Panama City. In the near future, Boquete will be fortunate to have the pleasure of hosting her new opening of Tre Scalini Bistro, which will offer a fresh international fusion cuisine for all of us to enjoy! She is in the process of renovating and remodeling so stay posted for the big changes underway. Here is a link to her restaurant website: http://trescalinipanama.com/?lang=en. We believe that we all will be very pleased to have this fine establishment right in our neighborhood!



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