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The Big Bang




Anouk and I are glad The Big Bang time during the recent holidays is finally over. Just noise. To me fireworks mean rockets shot skyward and the explosion of colored star designs high above the roof tops. Pretty to watch.....not just noise that frightens animals and interrupts conversations.

Maybe next year we could have a fireworks display in a nearby field and invite everyone in the community.  I know Anouk would be happier. Me too.



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This year there were a lot more fireworks very close to our house.  With all the windows and curtains and bedrooms doors closed the dog still suffered.  Rapid heart beat and trembling and nothing we did could calm her.  Eventually she went under the bed which is very close to the floor.  She stayed there until 2:30 am.  We are all glad it's over.  Fireworks aren't fun for us anymore !

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I can't understand what is so enjoyable about the firecracker noise during the holidays in Panama and most Latin American countries. Yuck.

We were having dinner at a downtown Boquete restaurant on New Year's Eve. The bang noise was so bad (in the center of town yet) that the owners closed all windows and doors to their restaurant. I think some customers left early because of the disturbance.

I've also noticed the people who discharge the firecrackers (many of them adults) don't clean away the debris left behind from their firecracker activities.

Does Boquete have a noise ordinance?

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Did you read my post about Gingko Biloba for dogs? It has certainly helped my dog to be less terrified. She still doesn't like the fireworks but now she doesn't tremble and shake.

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Tough when the noise is close, loud and constant.  Just having a safe little place to crawl into along with her favorite cuddle toys and blanket  seems to be the best along with music.  Bottom line it seems it just has to be endured until it's over.

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