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O Positive Blood donation needed



A woman needs a unit of O Positive blood before she can have surgery in David this week.  If you can donate Monday or Tuesday morning, and you meet the criteria under blood donation at www.boquetehospice.com, please call Charlotte Lintz 6693-5005.  Thank you!  


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I usually do not post private info unless asked by the family.  Of course the donors will get that info.  

A need is a need, no matter who....

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I ask because there have been instances of potential blood donations from Boquete expats being unavailable to other Boquete expats in need because the eligible donors recently had given blood for persons living in David. David is a much larger area than Boquete and, I feel, should be responsible for developing its own blood donation network rather than relying on the good graces of Boquete. I recognize that this is not the policy of Hospice, but, having been affected adversely by ts policy, I respectfully disagree with it.

There are a limited number of donors for particular blood types. I, personally, would like to know that any blood I donate is going to a resident of my  community, the community  that developed and maintains the blood donation network. Other donors may feel differently, but I think everyone deserves to know-- if not the name, at least the location--of the person who will benefit from their blood so that they can choose whether or not to donate to that person at the risk of their blood not being available to a friend or neighbor here in Boquete.

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Boquete Hospice & Health Foundation only serves the Boquete area.  We do not put out calls for blood for David or other   areas. Our resources are limited, as you say, so our service is only for our community.  Volcan is starting their own Hospice, and if someone there needs blood, that would be communicated in the notice, as there are donors who live there that have donated blood.    In the two years I have been doing this, I don't remember any blood calls for David.  Maybe this was true in the past..... (?).   Our donor lists keep getting shorter, as time goes on, as those over age 65 cannot donate unless the hospital is desperate.  So, until Panama starts a blood bank, yes, we must preserve our wonderful volunteers.  

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If that is the case, Hospice has changed its policy, and I'm glad. I had spoken with the President of Hospice, Betty Landis, when a good friend was unable to donate to my husband because a couple of days earlier she had donated to an expat living in David, as had at least one other person. Betty defended the policy of being responsive to calls for blood  from David. 

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Vice President and Chancellor Isabel de Saint Malo signed an agreement this week with the Ministry of Health, Caja del Seguro Social, and the Felipe Motta Foundation to establish a National Blood Bank which will coordinate donations and supplies to all 26 Blood Banks in the country. 



It would be interesting to know if extranjeros and patients of private hospitals will be able to donate to and receive from the national supply.

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This is the best news I've heard lately. I can't imagine that it wouldn't be available to whoever needs it; we got blood from Hospital Regional several years ago when there was an immediate need for my husband. We were lucky that they had it on hand in that instance. Assuming that this move consists of establishing facilities for the testing and  refrigeration of blood and that that will be accompanied by periodic blood drives, I for one will rest easier. If you haven't experienced an emergency need for blood in Panama, you can't imagine the agony involved in the waiting that accompanies the location of a donor, the often long time it takes that donor to get to David, and then the further wait for the blood to be tested and delivered.

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I take meds for high blood pressure, have had a heart attack 5 years ago and am borderline diabetic.  Am I still a candidate?  Where would I have to go to give?

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I wonder where those 26 regional sites are.  Will have to investigate further!  Thanks for the info!   Re: blood donation in David....if they have exhausted all their resources, we would likely put out a call to help, also.  If someone needs blood, they need blood.  That is why I posted in Chiriqui.life, hoping someone in David could donate.  It is very hard to find a match on the type & cross.  Sometimes it takes 4 people just to get one match!  We all have antibodies in our blood, and those have to be compatible....the blood type alone is not enough.  

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