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Flower Pot Toy




I'm looking for a dog toy in the shape of a flower pot. Why? Anouk is the owner of a variety of toys. Chew rag, ball, plastic bone, and the latest addition is a squeaky giant hamburger about the size of a dinner plate. All of these hold her attention for a few minutes, then off she races to tackle one of my flower pots. True, a couple are favorites but none is safe.

Good food recommended by Dra Chely, freedom to run in a fenced yard, and medicine to cure her health problems seem to give her energy....and she has lots of it! 

We gotta protect our flowers, especially the orchids. They don't have a chance with Anouk "playing" with them.



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I've never seen one, Marcelyn. I'm afraid you're going to have to put your pots where she can't get them.

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There was a program on Ceasar Milan the dog whisperer where the dog was chewing everything.   His take was the dog needed more activity.  He got the folks walking the dog twice a day for about 45 min.  The dog seems to settle right down.  Then he took the dog to the front yard and surrounded her with all the things she loved to chew....viola, no chewing.  He fully anticipated that he might have to correct her attention off the objects she chews.   This was a young dog....and he said the younger dogs and certain breeds are more apt to be chewers.

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Our rescue dog was (and is sometimes a hole digger).   For the most part she no longer digs up the yard.  That said I found her in a 2 1/2 foot deep hole she dug across the street in the vacant yard just last week.  She hunts lizards.....which might lead her to a snake she did not anticipate.   This is probably our biggest issue.  When we first got her, she did not play.  Toss a bal?....nothing.  Tug of war?...nada   A good friend taught us how to teach her to play by getting her all excited then introducing the toy....wow, she plays!     Now we have walks twice a day and play time.   She's getting us in shape I'll have to say....which is a good thing I guess.   

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