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Anouk's Arrival Picture



Here is a picture of the before and after conditions for Anouk. The picture was provided by Javier and Magaly. They are super nice people. And thanks also for their volunteer helpers, Kirsten and Ray Quimby. (Ahem, Bud should have tucked in his shirt! :o)

We understand that Anouk was kept on a short chain in her prior "residence". Now she has full run of the yard, which is obviously fenced.

Anouk arrival picture at her new home in El Santuario.jpg

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Bubba says, "methinks you are correct" I see the joy in Marcelyn's face and the love from her heart. It is a done deal.

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Thank you so much Marcelyn and Bub for giving the opportunity to give a new live to this dog, she was very happy in your house and she will be a great companion for you!!

If someone wants to help us with donations, adoptions, foster, dog/cat food, medicines, vitamines or something, please contact us to our email javierandmagalyhouse@gmail.com.

Thanks a lot!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

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