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Day 1, getting acquainted




Anouk spent all last afternoon exploring around the yard and got along just fine during the night. I admit I checked on her several times during the evening--but no problems.

I fed her a small amount of Science Diet dry food for dinner. Then this morning she ate dry plus canned food and some of Bud's famous scrambled eggs. Lots of water too.

Interesting that Anouk and the mamma cat seem to becoming friends. The cat took a couple of paw air swings at Anouk, but there was no contact between the two. Both animals seem content with their situation.

Taking Anouk for a bath and brushing at 9:30am this morning. Appointment is with Casandra at Veterinarian San Jose here in Boquete close to La Posada Restaurant. We've asked that the groomer treat Anouk for fleas, ticks, etc., and trim her toe nails. We'll visit Dra. Chely as soon as we can get an appointment and get Anouk a complete health check.

There are some free wandering dogs in the neighbor that are chased away by Anouk. She is getting lots of exercise running along the fence and barking (not a loud bark). I think these neighborhood animals will stay away from our yard. Yeah!

Thanks for the pictures. We'll take very good care of Anouk. She is a beautiful dog and doing well here in our yard. She seems excited and happy (I know I am thrilled to have her join Bud and me. :D)



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