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25 Months In Panama




Panama never ceases to amaze me. I mostly focus on how the country has treated me and how I can reciprocate instead of focusing on how I can change the country and the expat population. Panama has been good to me and I will continue being good to it. I am not new to countries outside of the USA so I haven't had culture shock since I was in combat in Vietnam. I've visited 13 countries and enjoyed everyone of them. Panama was first on my list to retire to because of the location, culture, weather and food. If a person came to Panama and is disappointed well that is not a bad thing. They tend to move on without disparaging people and the country. I don't compete with other people on "how long" I've lived here in conversation and knowledge. It's a great place to be yourself and enjoy the people and the culture. I usaully don't ask questions about what to do or how to do it in Panama because that would take the fun out of the journey. If I have a serious issue with NOT knowing what to do I usually ask a local or an expat that has been here a long time. Again, I do NOT soley rely on expats for information or advice. I am in "their" country and should seek their advice most of the time. I speak enough spanish now to have good Panamanian friends and it works well in the stores, etc. I tell myself all of the time-----This beats Vietnam or the Pine Box or being here in Dec. 1989.


The Comarca---Tole, Panama


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