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Bonnie, you are seeing everything that the blog owner has posted. It is only a title and a link to her personal website.

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Going a bit further, this blog owner asked in advance as to the acceptability of posting a link on CL to her personal blog. Because there is nothing to the contrary in our rules, my response was "sure, go ahead".

She explained that she is a writer. Her approach to publishing her writings is somewhat different to the more typical poster, but then variety is the spice of life. And there is a very nice posting on her personal blog about Mort's passing. I can appreciate that there is no need to repeat what she has already written. Rather, she has done our readers a favor by expanding and linking related topics from different sources.

The most significant thing for me in her blog postings (both CL and personal) is that Mort's passing was a huge loss to our community. We went to the services at the cemetery yesterday. Huge showing by our community.

Our hearts go out to Barbara and family.

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