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Sign up TODAY for Rodny Direct Helpline at Señor Gyros - 11am - 3pm

Rodny Direct



Every expat should be a member of Rodny Direct

Meet Rodny in person, ask questions and sign up today

And enjoy a great lunch at Señor Gyros! 

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I always enjoy my day with Rodny when he signs up the new folks. (I'm a helper.)  I don't do much but direct flow, help with odd jobs etc,but it's always a nice day for me.   I met some nice folks again today and enjoyed my time.  Best of all I finally got to meet Bud and Marcelyn, ChiriquiLife founders ...super duper great folks!.   Rodny's service seems to always be improving. There's always new ideas shared with enthusiasm as they interact with the clients as well each other ( Rodny and his tech guy).  I enjoy that.  Thanks Rodny for what you do!

The new cards got misprinted and are being re-done.  They will be done shortly and you will receive notice where the card pickup spots will be.  Sorry for the delay.

Brundageba, Rodny Direct Helper


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It was such a pleasure to meet you yesterday. Marcelyn and I had commented several times since starting CL last October that we would like to meet you in person. Your writings here on CL are indicative to us of someone whom we would like to know better. And your photos are great, too. We were not aware that you volunteer to help Rodny, and so when we started chatting yesterday at Señor Gyros and then learned that it was you, that was a win-win for us.

Isn't Rodny an amazing person. Intelligent is a gross understatement. It is obvious to us that he really enjoys what he is doing, and that makes him all the more effective.

We had never been to Señor Gryos. That meant that when we arrived to chat with Rodny and visit with Mark and Martine (good friends) that we would scope out the situation before ordering food. What a pleasant surprise. I ordered food for us (one chicken gyro wrap and a bottle of water) after looking into the kitchen area. All of our sanitation concerns were quickly set aside. The staff was friendly and knew their menu well. I spoke in my horrible Spanish and they were nice, smiling a bit as I slaughtered their language, and responded back to me in English. Food was served quickly. Everything was as ordered. It was quite tasty. Marcelyn and I do not eat much, and so our order was for one gyro wrap, "pero para compartir." They split our order in half and served it on two plates. No questions about what we were doing,

Early on while we were at Señor Gyros, we chatted with a lady who came by to pay her Rodny Direct membership fee. We did not get introduced, but she told the story of how they had recently moved to Boquete, and then subscribed to Rodny Direct by phone but had not yet paid the membership fee. And then they had an emergency in their home involving her husband, apparently a very serious accident requiring surgeries and now convalescent care. Rodny took care of them without question. She was so appreciative. Another unsolicited testimonial about Rodny Direct.

And then we saw Mark Perren-Jones (not sure if his last name is hyphenated or not?). Because of our travels, we haven't seen him in a long time. And then we had another pleasant surprise -- he is the owner of Señor Gyros.

Lunch yesterday at this Rodny event was full of good memories. Meeting you (Allison), chatting with Rodny, seeing Mark and Martine, reconnecting with Mark PJ, and discovering a great place to have lunch. We definitely will go back to Señor Gyros, probably frequently. Besides good food and service and clean facilities, where else can two people have lunch for $6.00, plus a tip?

And then Mark and Martine stopped by our place late yesterday for a visit. Apparently it was another very successful enrollment day for Rodny Direct. Some 14 more memberships for his service.

There are several "and then's" in this posting. Yesterday was just full of good "and then's". We like those kinds of days.

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Yes....I always enjoy my Rodny days.  Lots of new folks in town and lots of old timers as well signing up.  I always get to see somebody I've been missing for years!  I love as well pumping Rodny's expert tech support person for information on numerous topics...he's a bright bulb and very talented indeed.  Might be a good spot for CL to doc and introduce the web site.  The more folks learn of this wonderful healthy web site the better the site (as well as the community) will be.  PLUS we can give each other hugs again !  

Love to you both.  Folks like you make Boquete a very special place indeed.  Love at first sight all the way around eh?


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