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Netflix by country

Twin Wolf Technology Group



I have received several questions regarding Netflix blocking users that use a VPN to access content.   If you are a VPN user and cannot get to Netflix, I would recommend the service called "Unlocator".   It uses a different method of accessing the blocked content and as of this writing, Unlocator users users are still able to access the Netflix content they want.   You can get more information about Unlocator service at their website http://www.unlocator.com.   They offer a 7 day free trial and I find the service works well.

Much of that is old news, but Netflix users may find the following information new and very useful.

Netflix offers a different video selection from country to country.  Videos offered in one country's version of Netflix may or may not be available in another country's version of Netflix.   Videos are rotated in and out from time to time and new ones are added as well.   There is a website that lets you search and find the details of all the Netflix videos by country.   It also lists which videos have recently been added to that country and which videos are about to expire.   It is called the Unofficial Netflix Online Global Search and you can access it here:  http://unogs.com/    For country detail, check out this page:  http://unogs.com/countrydetail/

If you cannot seem to find that movie at the country of Netflix you are signed into - try this search and see where it is.   You can even click the Watch Now button and be directed to it.  This site really expands the list of movies available to Netflix users.




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